Coaching is the act of guiding an individual, couple, or group in reflections of powerful strategies and techniques to create the life of fulfillment that the client desires.

There’s a story I often repeat to my clients who are forthcoming clients or coaches themselves when they are assessing their own worth, and it’s one that applies equally to all of us who consider being or partnering with a coach:

A woman in a café spotted Picasso doodling on a napkin. She approached him and asked if she could purchase the doodle from him. Picasso responded, “Sure. It’s $100,000.”

The woman was shocked. “But it only took you ten minutes to draw that!” she exclaimed.

“No,” Picasso said. “It took me my whole life.”

It’s not about hours for dollars – it’s about powerful wisdom that changes lives. Those of you who are meant to be coaches have been honing the skills to serve others for your entire life.

I coach individuals—adults, teenagers, men, women, couples—specifically who are highly committed to be and do whatever it takes to create the life they want for themselves.   This is exciting!  And very fun.  My clients have turned around businesses, launched new careers, restored their marriages, optimized their health and more.  They have applied this approach to every facet of their lives with great success.

Know this:  what brought you this far will not take you where you want to go.  You must be MORE committed to who you are becoming than to what you are avoiding by staying where you are.  If this is you, then we can work together.  I am passionate about contributing to everyone I encounter, but I only coach the committed.

My Coaching takes many forms and ranges from a set number of weekly sessions, to 3 day intensives, to quarterly & yearly contract(s). The PRICES for these services range from $0 for an initial session if you qualify to $3000 for executive group stress reduction; $15,000 for 3 month & $50,000 for annual coaching contracts respectively. An initial introductory DEEP DIVE Coaching session will clarify what your needs are better.

Take the next step, apply for a DEEP DIVE session with me

Available via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Phone

What Is A Deep Dive Session?

A DEEP DIVE Session is a consultation where we examine what’s working, what’s not working, and what’s next. In this session you will meet me and I will meet you. I do NOT work with everyone. This is an opportunity for me to assess your commitment and the parameters of your NEED. This is also an opportunity for you to assess me and to make sure I am the right fit for you. As much as I believe I have the tools and the rapport to connect with anyone that truly desires change, there are rare times when the energy doesn’t flow and connect. What better way to figure that out than jump right in.

Transformation Follows Commitment

You WILL Transform to the Degree you are Committed.


Make a Greater COMMITMENT.

I truly LOVE the transformation process. That is why I am committed to creating a relationship that is honest, kind, energizing, clear, creative and trusted—it’s where the magic happens.  All compensation is paid prior to all services and is non-refundable.

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