It takes NO EFFORT to be what you already ARE. Your natural state coming into this world was joy and grace. It’s only all the shit we’ve put on top of that which separates us from our authentic self. The neural system can be rapidly reset not getting rid of anything but melting that which you are back into its natural state. Identities are illusionary narratives that are anchored into the physical reality of our bodies. Change the felt sense of your physical reality and see an immediate shift in what and who you thought and felt you were.

A Four Day or Less Intensive is  facilitated at a secluded location in the privacy of the East Texas Piney Woods. During this stay a one on one examination and experiential processing of old and new issues that have contributed to limiting your identity and pulling it away from your core comfortable self is facilitated with multiple disciplines of healing modalities: Straight-line leadership transformational coaching, (EFT) Emotional Freedom Technique, (SRI) Somato Respiratory Integration, the Sedona Method, Focusing, (NLP) Neurolinguistic programming, Reiki and Qigong Energy work, Muscle testing, and Neuromuscular Massage therapy all go into a individualized dance of working with your self reflection, your felt sense of self in a Dance that begins a MELTING process back into your core self.

Cost of Intensive: $7,500 (4 or less days) depending on work needed based on initial assessments and evaluation.

Apply for  a Deep Dive conversation to see if an intensive is right for you. To schedule in person or online via Skype/zoom:  Click Here for Online Scheduling Link