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At 50 years old, I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have studied, partnered, or mentored under some of the most amazing world class coaches,  instructors, and training systems available today. Don Miguel Ruiz, Don Jose, Ramakrishna, Jon Kabat-Zin, Saki Santarelli, Bob Stahl, Becky Henderson, Shannon and Dan Smith, Dawson Church, and the systems of Tony Robbins, Cloe Madannes, Francine Shapiro, and Donny Epstein to name a few. A large part of my journey has been in the methodical testing of what works, what doesn’t work, and always what’s next. Although it took me 3 dozen years to accumulate the lessons from years of mistakes (a.k.a. learning), my clients get all the condensed benefits of that and I am constantly awed to witness how rapidly people heal and shift from their current identity of suffering into an authentic one of freedom. Although I hold Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Texas licenses as a professional counselor and neuromuscular massage therapist, there are clear distinctions of working with a Strategic Intervention Coach that is very different from counseling. I am not a reflective listening therapist, I am an extremely proactive coach that wants to take you to the life you’ve dreamed of being and creating. I simply cannot wait to show you what is possible. There is no way you are ready for how fantastic this will be! it takes no effort to be who you really are! My job is to show you how to melt everything that is not that…..not only is that possible, it’s being done every day…..AND it can be done rapidly!!

One of the things I find amusing over and over again is how people think they KNOW who they are. They will even mention that to some extent, normally in reference to something they think they CAN’T do, “I know the way I am”. A statement I will challenge every time. Who you THINK you are is more aptly described as “who you FEEL you are”.

Who you FEEL you are is simply a system of conditioned autonomic nervous system reactions. If you are living ENERGY POOR and suffering then that normally means those reactions are some variety of internal fight, flight, or freeze triggers or emotional conditionings where your body is trying to protect you with defense mechanisms and terabytes of subconscious processing, much of which for many of us was programmed into our bodies as a children. If FLOW is not your natural state then you have up regulated triggers that have never been down regulated. It then doesn’t matter how intelligent you are because insight doesn’t normally shift behavior or felt sense of identity. In fact many times the most intelligent clients suffer the most because they are so good at arguing with themselves. Physical processing shifts (or) more aptly down regulates the way we are holding our stories of pain and self worth. When you successfully process/down regulate those touchstone memories (or) Samscaras then you melt back into your natural state of FLOW. It then takes no effort to be who you really are!

I am a catalyst to harnessing the power of you. I get to the source of what’s stopping you from being who you need to be, so that you can do what’s required, to get your intended results. I introduce you to POWERFUL distinctions, which once implemented will create powerful lasting change immediately!


Along the way I will bring some RAPID physical shifters that will literally and physically change the way you are holding you. I am a seasoned mindfulness instructor and trauma specialist wielding a multitude of somatic processing techniques and modalities. Your body is designed to heal once I show you how to get you out of the way and engaged in accessing an ENERGY RICH Life! For more information, I invite you to schedule a DEEP DIVE session to see if taking THIS to the next step is what we want to CREATE together.


Before you call be aware that my coaching costs from $150 for an initial session to between $3,000 for executive mindfulness training programs to more individualized coaching programs. Coaching contracts begin at $15,000 for 3 months or $50,000 for a year both of which include multi-day intensive work based on subjective need. My promise is that I will bring every tool available in a dance to meet your needs if you promise to commit to the process. If you bring total honesty and commitment to the process, you WILL melt into your authentic YOU and an ENERGY RICH Life!

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