Melting Into Authenticity!

There is a big difference between wanting a difference, thinking a difference, even dreaming a difference and


An Intensive retreat is an opportunity to SHIFT everything! An Intensive is a 4 Day or Less Customized Dance with your blocks, your wounds, your trauma, and the guidance to BE FREE! What we combine here is Thought, Emotion, Physicality in combined modalities to shift the way you are holding your identity within your neural system. Right now who you say and think you are is held in the FELT SENSE in the body. Imagine simply NOT having Triggers/Blocks anymore. The IRONY is that it takes no effort to be who you truly are and who you came into this world to be. It actually takes quite a bit of effort to hold onto to all the layers of protection that keep us from the life of our dreams, the life of our authentic self. If you commit, I guarantee RESULTS!