Once you understand the mechanisms of melting trauma, reclaiming defensive, and applying that (processing) to your life, there arises a freshness of the chest, a lightness to your step, and an optimism of what is possible!

Hi I’m Scott!

Licensed Professional Counselor, Cert. Neuromuscular_Therapist, Mindfulness/Meditation Instructor, Reiki Master & Shakti Energy Practitioner, Somatic Processing Trauma Therapist, Strategic Intervention Transformation Coach.

I do things very differently. I bring you many new perceptions. Healing requires ENERGY and INFORMATION which generally can be the same thing.

Traditional Counseling has failed a large portion of my clients. Many of my clients are actually quite brilliant and the reason they suffer as much as they do is because they are so good at arguing with themselves!

My job is to show you how to get out of your head, become and condition (presence: the optimal state for transformation and change). Then to show you HOW to process the FELT SENSE of implicit or explicit trauma which generally can be conditioned generationally, from childhood, or from past relationship emotional wounding. Even though everyone is subjective and special, there are still many objective and common patterns of being human. Once you understand the mechanisms, you will have the skills to melt the heavy of your life into the light. That’s called reclaiming defensive energy (mechanisms that originated to protect you). Once you’ve reclaimed these and increased your access to new energy/information, the next part of coaching is showing you strategy on how to apply that energy towards creation in your life.

My super power is curiosity! I can’t wait to help you discover what’s working, what’s not working, and what can be next in your journey!





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