The Golden Key to Rapid Mental/Emotional Healing

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If you attend the majority of Masters programs on counseling within the US currently, based on its claim to be the most empirically based therapy in clinical studies, cognitive or cognitive behavioral therapy is the core component(s) most all new counselors are trained in. When we look at the theory of cognitive therapy its core belief is that if you change your thoughts, then you change your behavior and hence the way you feel. While cognitive strategies certainly have their place, one of the aspects cognitive therapy misses is the complexity and multi-dimensionality of other modes of processing that occur within the human experience. In fact I would be so bold as to say the clients I have had that have suffered the most, tended to be extremely intelligent and the reason they suffered is because they were so very good at arguing with themselves. A talent that made most all cognitive therapy null and void in effectiveness for that individual the moment they left a cognitive conversation and returned to their existing conditioning. The brain tends to do what the brain expects to do.

The Golden key to understanding rapid mental / emotional healing is that there is indeed a language of the mind, but more importantly that there is a language of the body. It is within this language of the body that the suffering of individuals exist. Meaning, and here is the core understanding, there are no painful thoughts. There are only thoughts that then send a signal into and that is represented within the (ANS) Autonomic Nervous System holding that thought, that story a certain way within the body. If there wasn’t any pain, tension, pressure, etc in the body, then it would just be a story. In fact it is just a story, but the reason it causes suffering is the actual manifestation of uncomfortableness within the body. In other words, the Body keeps score.

Although there are certainly subjective experiences individuals have, there does tend to be some objective patterns that frequently manifest within the scope of emotional experience. Some of these patterns include 1) sensations in the head being associated with control or confusion. Frequently those can also be associated with sensations in the hands and arms as we metaphorically or sometimes in actuality wish to grab things or people to make them the way we would want. 2) Sensations in the neck, are very common with an inability to express authentic meaning, “I can’t say what I really want to”, I can’t express or manifest what I really truly want. 3) Sensations in the chest is a very rich area for anger or more commonly heart ache or heart break which has clinically been identified as a signal from the brain to the Vagus nerve. This is a biological signal that says, I am not safe and need to do something about that. 4) sensations in the solar plexus which frequently correspond to individuals crossing their arms in a protective “don’t take my power” visual cues of expression. Patterns like this are frequent where an individual is experiencing uncomfortableness but they are lost within the narrative of a story.

Bring your attention to the “felt sense” of how one is holding their painful stories and you will quickly allow an opening to very natural process where the body can heal itself very quickly. This applies to a new understanding in mental health that the manifestations of anxiety and depression are frequently unprocessed traumatic memories.

Amazing new therapies that grasp the reality that if you can use any number of techniques to down regulate the way the body is holding an unprocessed memory, then you can rapidly shift the felt sense of how the body is reacting. Once that is done, the thoughts and the emotions no longer carry the same charge of suffering. That is a rapid path to true freedom!

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