FLOW: A Useful Term and Better Self Measurement.

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When you feel really good do you feel light or heavy? Most people would answer light, although there are disassociation reasons people could feel numb or nothing and this is their version of good. When you feel really bad do you feel light or heavy? Again, most people would answer heavy although there are also varying degrees of neural charge that can be represented in the (ANS) autonomic nervous system. The point is when we are in a state of FLOW, it generally means that it take little to no effort for us to be us. That is light High Vibrational ENERY! However, when we feel bad there is a density to our bodies that exists of heaviness and a multitude of up-regulated body reactions. This we call heavy Low Vibrational Energy.

A very practical and useful daily question to ask ourselves is simply, ARE WE IN FLOW?

As we begin having this conversation with ourselves it is incredibly helpful to have or begin having a vocabulary where we become familiar with terms that help us describe exactly what our real time NOW experience is within our current reality. I mean how do you go where you want if you don’t really pay attention to where you are, right? It is incredibly helpful to have methods of examination so you can measure where we are at and what actually is present now.

If you use the examples above it is also helpful to build a scale, in the trauma treating world we refer to this as a SUDS (Subjective Units of Distress Scale), although I frequently prefer (Subjective Units of Description) so that it also includes varying states of yummy FLOW as well and not just the bad stuff. Measuring our state of being is such a valuable resource because it clarifies the difference between where we are and where we do actually want to be. That’s called science 🙂

Our GOAL would be obvious, how do we melt into and then maintain states of flow so that becomes our norm and not the other crap, right?

In the science of neurology we have learned that the brain does what the brain expects to do. If you want to be good at something, what do you do? You practice right? This is why it becomes a complete life enhancer to identify what state you are in because as we become aware, acknowledge, and accept what is actually here, just the simple process of observation begins to change our relationship with what is.

A general understanding here is that there is “What Is” and then there is “Our Story of What Is”. “What is” is ALWAY NEUTRAL, but ONLY ALWAYS! Our Story of What Is” is NEVER NEUTRAL! As we begin to pay attention on purpose to “What Is”, we begin to let go of “Our Story of What Is” which is always an abstract version of reality and seldom has anything to do with actual reality. When we learn how to focus only on what is, we consistently develop the ability to let go of our stories of suffering.

You might want to read and digest that last paragraph again.

If you’d like to learn more about how to condition ourselves to normally and naturally as well as consistently come out of our stories of suffering and into the pleasure and the peace of what is actually present now, schedule a deep dive session where we explore how to do these things as well heal the felt sense of trauma stories and choose new felt sense of identities that actually serve us. Please stay tuned for more articles on how to melt into, create and maintain an energy rich life!

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