Along with Coaching Distinctions, Mindful Inquiry, and Straight-line Leadership Coaching Strategies that powerfully get wasted activity out of the way and focus you in the direction of your goals, I work with the felt sense of the body. Blocks and Limitations have a history and the body keeps score. Specifically the Identity is nothing but a collection of conditioned habits anchored in a neural system. Who you say you are matters! Who you feel you are matters more! This FELT SENSE of identity is malleable and plastic and normally has a base-line that once past trauma stories stored in the physical bodies have processed a cathartic release (or) a conditioning of down regulation of past trauma up regulation conditioning(or) what I call MELTING, the authentic (free) individual is released to be what they are without the weighted reactions of past limitations programmed into their nueral system. The newly expansive emotional self simply has more room, more energy to direct towards life goals!

Individuals Utilizing these specific conditioning and processing exercises literally and physically FEEL Different!

What I do is show up with presence and Guide the individual through the appropriate tools needed based on the client’s subjective experience. It is a DANCE with the ENERGY of YOU! Although it seems like Miracle Work, it is based in physical science of how to process everything that is NOT you. Are you excited YET?

Modalities/Exercises/Tools based on concepts (or) training/certification(s) in:

MBSR  (Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction) Gold standard in clinical studies for teaching Presence.

Level 3 (EFT) Practitioner. (Emotional Freedom Technique)

(EMDR) Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing

(SRI)  Practitioner (Somata Respiratory Integration)

Focusing  – Sedona Method

(NLP) Neuro-Linguistic Programming

(TRE) Trauma Releasing Exercises

Straight-line Leadership Coaching

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