Meet Scott

Meet Scott

Scott Austin Martin, M.A., LPC, LMT is a World-Class Transformation Coach and author with specialities in Relationship-Transformation through facilitation of healing generational, childhood, and past relationship traumas and emotional conditionings that are creating blocks to a state of flow and ACCESS to an ENERGY RICH life! Combine that with a power house stable of techniques, modalities, and strategies of what works, what doesn’t work, and what’s next, Scott quickly puts you on a path of Rapid Healing to Powerful Growth.

COMFORT & GROWTH are NOT each other’s friends, which is why it is so important to have a Pro-Active Plan of Action that while prioritizes a client’s safety and control also once engaged gets you from Point A to Point B as quickly and effectively as possible.

Close friends have joked that Scott can say the same thing 60 different ways which when customizing, understanding, and connecting to the language of a client, as well as introducing them to new ways of measuring and perceiving reality and our felt sense of identity become important skills to light a path of transformation.

Scott brings a multi experiential career of coming from and being informed by a two decades of bodywork with a field of knowledge as a Licensed and advanced Certified Neuromuscular Therapist; Previously licensed as a massage therapy instructor & A Teaching Reiki Master; being a Licensed Professional Counselor and having served in the County Jail system for several years as a suicide risk assessor and facilitating the processing of generally every variety of trauma in the human experience. Scott has also worked with Veteran populations as well as Behavioral Health Outpatient programs. As an experienced meditator, Scott has been teaching a wide variety of practicing presence including being recognized to teach the critically acclaimed and evidenced based  gold standard (MBSR) Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction program.There are a wide variety of meditation techniques and he encourages and introduces those practices that speak most to the language and perceptions as well as spiritual beliefs of the client helping each to find their own way.

As a trauma therapist, Scott has an seriously expanded toolkit of Somatic Processing skills including being a Level Three (EFT) Emotional Freedom Technique trained practitioner, has received training and a depth of experience in (EMDR) Eye Movement Desensitization Processing; and simply loves to guide clients through incredibly rapid shift process work of  (SRI) Somato Respiratory Integration. He borrows heavily from other modalities including (SE) Somatic Experiencing; (TRE) Trauma Releasing Exercises; Focusing; Ego States Processing, and the Sedona Method. These variations and different techniques of Somatic processing provide a lot of paths for shifting the way the body is holding out stories of trauma and subconscious emotional conditioning. Scott brings all of these skills in a dance with the individual client overseeing the paths that the client best responds to for their goals which generally means helping them discover and melt everything that is not actually them that has been acting as conditioned defense mechanisms and thereby blocking them from a life of flow (where it takes minimal or no effort for us to be us).

From a Cognitive standpoint he is heavily influenced by the brilliant work of Byron Katie especially when combined with body language testing.

Scott has received his own coaching and training in Straight-line Leadership and completed training in Tony Robbins/Cloe Maddenes Strategic Intervention Transformation Coaching program. Simple examinations of a client’s interplay of Human Needs Psychology alone is a rich area of discovery in the process of healing and growing with awareness, acknowledgement, and acceptance of what’s really here.

Although Scott can work with wide variety of clientele, in the last few years his love is working with couples to educate on how past emotional conditioning contributes greatly to who and how we are attracted to our mates and thereby our paths of traveling together. Understanding these patterns of complimentary wounds and the corresponding masks (or defense mechanisms) that get created within the interplay of masculine and feminine characteristics guides a motivating process to go inward and hunt and process the blocks that keep us from knowing ourselves in true authenticity and integrity without sacrificing our truth and power! Meet and connect with your soul and you’ll meet and/or connect with your soul mates!

Scott is the author of several Mindfulness books for Children through the Mindful Parenting Book Company and currently has a book in press

MARRIAGE SUICIDE: The Last Relationship Transformation Book You’ll Ever Need

…where Scott challenges couples to give up the life of suffering they have to get the one of authentic and integrity they want. Along the way he addresses the stages of healing and the path to escape suffering.

On a personal note but one he is happy to share, Scott is a devotee of Sri Kaleshswar and follows a lineage of Sri Shakti energy healing. Within the beauty of this Paramashiva path are some truly incredible and beautiful  experiences and a variety of mastery of heart mind body and soul.

Whatever the path (which there are many), Scott is dedicated to helping others find their way to a life free from suffering and full of ease and flow.

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